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Massage Casa will be having it's Grand Opening Event on August 3, 2017. Anyone who calls or texts to book a massage between 6pm and 9pm on that date will get 10% off their first appointment.

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  • Five Benefits of Massage Therapy.

    June 2, 2017

    Massage Therapy has become fairly popular in the last couple decades. Once done in only a few countries and to selective groups, the last few decades have brought massage not only to the masses, but made it a normal part of life. Why is it that so many people today go and get massages? The answer is massage has many, many benefits and can be utilized by people in varying circumstances. There are so many benefits of massage that it is impossible to list them all, but here are five:

    1: The most well known benefit of massage therapy is that it relaxes muscles. Muscle tension builds up over time and one of the most successful ways of releasing this tension is through massages. Often individuals have muscle knots, or trigger points, that build up, causing pain in a localized area, or even pain that radiates through the body. Releasing those knots through massage can be incredibly healing and people find they can move better and even feel lighter!

    2: Massage therapy has the incredible benefit of helping a body speed up healing. There are many ways it does this. First and foremost, massage therapy brings blood flow to the area, helps decrease inflammation, and keeps the lymphatic system flowing. This means muscle injuries take less time to heal. Even the skin can benefit from these healing benefits of massage. Light cross-friction done over a healing wound can help the wound heal faster and decrease scar tissue in the area.

    3: Much like yoga, massage therapy can help improve breathing. One reason is simply as the body relaxes in a massage, breath deepens and this has a positive impact on the lungs. Another reason massage helps breathing is because many breathing problems are caused because the muscles in the chest and upper back are too tight. This means that the lungs cannot move their full breadth. Releasing these muscles allows the lungs to move fully and deepens breathing.

    4: A powerful benefit of massage therapy is it's ability to help people with chronic pain cope. Whether it's low back pain, a chronic knot by the shoulder blade, or something more serious such as fibromyalgia, massage helps reduce pain throughout the body. This in turn provides people with a higher quality of life.

    5: On top of the general muscle relaxation and reduction of muscle tension, massage has other benefits for those who exercise. Those who get massages after exercising have decreased levels of muscle soreness. This may be because massage helps keep the lymphatic system moving, which clears out lactic-acid and other chemicals that want to build up in an area after exercising. Regular massage for those who exercise also increases range of motion and makes it so the heart rate decreases faster after exercising.

    These are only a few of the many studied benefits of massage therapy. Anyone at any stage of life can benefit from massage therapy and there is a type of massage suited for every individual. Take advantage of these benefits and book a massage today!